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About the Artist

Big Dipper Style is about having some fun in the daily life. 
Hello to all who view my site.  Send an email to jwcourtland2@gmail.com because currently our kaylynne@BigDipperStyle.com is off.  Also, you can connect with me using several social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Keep finding grace in your life  Savor the Day, Kay-lynne
As an artist I share my view of the attitudes of the day and expose moments in time using a creative forum of positivity.
Some History:
Big Dipper Style began when Kay-lynne, an abstract and digital media artist, began creating artwork for friends and family members. At the time Kay-lynne's background primarily focused on abstract expressionist imagery using graphic design, drawing, painting and printmaking with collage. A basis for Kay-lynne's artwork originates with images from her family and the ideas of childhood and playful memories. Her images come from her vast collection of photographs and bits and pieces of memorabilia, or what she refers to as, "scrapbook" material. Her collection consists of photographs, pieces of clothing and fabric, documents, rubbings, old calendars, magazine and newspaper clippings, old drawings, and her volumes of journal material. She's always journaled and has collected material for her artwork for as long as she can remember.  Kay-lynne's process of creating fine art exposes the consistent interplay of varieties of media. She uses combinations of two-dimensional imagery drawn with traditional media, and imagery created via the use of technology. This non-traditional approach to creating art reflects the metaphor inherent in the content and compositions.
As Kay-lynne was working on her graduate thesis exhibition collection she would quickly draw small images and designs whenever she was pondering the next phase of her artwork, deep in thought or tracking her conscious/unconscious thoughts.  As she formed imagery that represented her perceptions of life, family memories and her interactions with people, she realized this process led her to an additional artistic style. These images inspired her. She hadn't yet fully embraced this addition to her style, although she held onto these playful figures and images knowing the style and technique offered an effective way to realize her artwork and designs in a completely new direction.
Kay-lynne challenged herself in 1991 to incorporate her artistry toward new levels using an array of color palates and adding the new imagery to her signature style. She also began incorporating her linear and collage artistry onto various surfaces including 3-D surface.
The next year Kay-lynne and a dear friend decided to take a chance by hosting their first Home Art Show at her friend's house. They'd create art, invite relatives and friends, provide snacks and have fun while showing and selling their art.  She named her business and the artwork she created during this period, "My Ideas" and began signing her work with her initials. She used, and still uses, all kinds of material as inspirational elements in her artwork. That first show and wide introduction of her artwork proved wildly successful. Kay-lynne's art and designs were proudly displayed in homes, businesses and as people carried around her bags and wore clothing she painted.  Art objects and clothing displaying her designs became popular and Kay-lynne received requests from relatives and friends.
In November of 1997 Kay-lynne took the first step toward realizing Big Dipper Style. She created her first holiday card. For years she'd wanted to create a piece of artwork featuring herself and her family in their living room.  She said she'd make a card and send them to their relatives and friends. The first card elicited a delighted response and an influx of requests from relatives, friends and people who'd seen the card at someone's home.  People requested a design or piece of art featuring themselves in the design, just as Kay-lynne had done for her own family's annual holiday card. Fulfilling those types of requests truly completed that first step. Ultimately, Big Dipper Style was born in November of 2005.  We call ourselves Big Dipper Style because after she moved away from the city lights for a brief time, Kay-lynne kept searching the sky above their home looking for the Big Dipper.  As she shares, when she finally located it low on the horizon her joy for her art found new direction in which to run.  The concept and plan for this venture, along with her artistic theme incorporating the stars of the Big Dipper, which had been waiting to begin...took off!  Kay-lynne says her art encompasses her imagination, hopes, dreams and inspiration while featuring a stylish nod to something cool along the way. Her designs echo her unique and at times, throught provoking artistic spirit.
She then returned to the city and by the water of the Gulf of Mexico in Treasure Island, Florida.  In late summer, 2013, she returned to a part of the country that was familiar to her.  Kay-lynne doesn't limit herself in her quest to obtain and portray the artistic "essence" of family. She collects items and images then produces artwork representing memories. Her playful and enchanting designs, images and art objects are at the heart of her artwork.
Big Dipper Style continues to evolve. Kay-lynne's artwork is handcrafted and designed using her artistic style. We invite you to spend a little time with the art, get to know us and allow yourself to dream with us. Kay-lynne creates the artwork in her leisure and can't help but be inspired by the vibrant community in which she lives.  
"When one door of happiness closes-another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened before us."  -Helen Keller


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